2016 Summer Alumni Reunions

2016 Summer Alumni Reunions

God's been faithful and good to CCSP for 20 years, and that's a milestone and a blessing worth celebrating!

Remember sitting in a circle amongst newfound friends, the forest trees surrounding you, birds singing, pondering important life topics. Can you ever forget those silly moments during impromptu games with a great group of people, or getting really serious in that mind-blowing CCSP class?  What about that close interaction with some amazing wildlife on a fieldtrip, or feeling the breath of God sweeping over you in that private moment that changed your life? Let us revisit those happy memories, and create more at CCSP's 20th anniversary summer reunions!  

God's been faithful and good to CCSP for 20 years!  That's a milestone and a blessing worth celebrating!  Over the years we've grown beyond an academic semester program into the Center for Environmental Leadership (CEL), an organization helping to equip the Church to  care for creation at national and international levels. Come to a CCSP reunion this summer to reconnect with CCSP and old friends. The proceeds from these reunions also contribute to building a sustainable foundation for CCSP's long term future.

To learn more and register for a reunion this summer go to this link.  

Eventbrite - CCSP 20th Anniversary Reunions - Belize (2016)

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