Snorkeling from Sit-on Kayaks - Belize Marine Ecology

"I love to be, under the sea . . ." - Belize Marine Ecology

Baby Howler Monkeys!!!! - Belize Program

Exploring Mayan Ruins - Belize Program

Cooling Off at Big Falls, Mt. Pine Ridge - Belize Program

No Better Place to Study Alpine Ecology - NZ Program

Kayaking in Kaikoura - NZ Program

Kea on Mt. Fyffe, Kaikoura - NZ Program

Marine Ecology, Kaikoura - NZ Program

Kaikoura from Mt Fyffe - NZ Program

Study Time Tropical Style - Belize Program

Wild Scarlet Macaw Sightings - Belize Progam

Homestay Smiles - Belize Program

CCSP Video

The original CCSP promo video is back by popular demand. It was retired after CCSP New Zealand stopped going to Samoa after we moved the program to the marine wonderland of Kaikoura and started doing our marine course right outside our own front door!! Apart from the Samoa references and images this video captures the heart and soul of CCSP. 





CCSP Belize 

A semester in the culturally rich and environmentally breathtaking country of Belize offers CCSP students a mind-blowing learning experience!  CCSP's tropical campus on the Macal River is home to toucans, iguanas, leaf-cutter ants, and much more.  From snorkeling inches above brilliant coral reefs and studying the verdant tropical rainforest, to undertaking internships specailizing in public health, biological research, agriculture, or whatever your major interest may be, CCSP students consider more fully the nexus of biblical faith, justice, ecology, and sustainable development. 

CCSP New Zealand  

Nestled beneath the mighty Kaikoura mountain range, yet only one mile from the Pacific Ocean, CCSP's New Zealand program offers students an amazing and unique semester experience!  By exploring New Zealand's unique culture, beautiful forests, mountain glaciers and abundant marine life (includling sperm whales, dolphins, and seals), CCSP students gain new and exciting perspectives on the nexus of biblical faith, ecology and justice in leading sustainable lifestyles. 

CCSP Cascadia (Start Date Postponed) 

CCSP has always been on the leading edge of Christian higher education.  For example, when CCSP's founders started the program in 2002 (and prior to that the Global Stewardship Study Program in 1996), creation care wasn't commony accepted as a part of Christian faith like it is today, nor was there a semester long study abroad program focused on creation care.  Over the past two decades then, CCSP has had a role helping to make creation care normative within the church.  Unfortunately, CCSP's newest program--CCSP cascadia, may have been just a little bit too ahead of its time!  We're not sure if that's the cause or not, but what we do know is we have not had enough enrollment to kick off an inaugural CCSP Cascadia semester in either spring 2013, or in fall 2013.  Because of this CCSP is suspending the Cascadia program until further notice.  We'll use this time to review and refine the program so when we re-launch it we'll have enough enrollment to kick it off. 

INTERNSHIPS are unique to Belize!  LEARN MORE


CCSP Video Stories Latest Video

CCSP Video Stories Latest Video

We have a new CCSP video to share with the world!   


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Semester Blogs

Semester Blogs

Reading our blogs is the best way to experience the program without being there.  It's great for friends and family to keep up with what's going on, and for students considering CCSP it's a great way to get a feel for the program.  

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Announcing New Maori Language Course

Announcing New Maori Language Course

We’re thrilled to announce that starting in the Spring 2014 semester CCSP New Zealand will be offering a 1 credit core course in “Te reo Maori,” the Maori language!

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Important Dates

Belize Application Dates:

Fall - APPLY NOW! Spaces Still Available. Deadline Extended!     

Spring - Oct. 31


New Zealand Application D ates:

Fall - APPLY NOW! Spaces Still Available. Deadline Extended! 

Spring - Oct. 31


Semester Dates:

Spring 2014: Jan 22nd-May 9th
Fall 2014: August 20-Dec. 5th
Spring 2015: January 21st-May 8th