Kayaking with Dolphins - New Zealand

Exploring the Maya Ruins - Belize

Practicing a Sustainable Lifestyle - New Zealand

Snorkeling the Vibrant Barrier Reef - Belize

Taking in the scenery - New Zealand

Study Time Tropical Style - Belize

Marine Ecology - New Zealand

Wild Scarlet Macaw Sightings - Belize

Sharing Life Together - New Zealand

Homestay Smiles - Belize

Up close encounters with wildlife - New Zealand

Enjoying the sun and sand - Belize

New Adventures Await - New Zealand

Hanging with the Howlers - Belize

Understanding Ecosystems - New Zealand

Breathtaking Sunsets - Belize

CCSP Belize

A semester in the culturally rich and environmentally breathtaking country of Belize offers CCSP students a mind-blowing learning experience!  CCSP's tropical campus on the Macal River is home to toucans, iguanas, leaf-cutter ants, and much more.  From snorkeling inches above brilliant coral reefs and studying the verdant tropical rainforest, to undertaking internships specailizing in public health, biological research, agriculture, or whatever your major interest may be, CCSP students consider more fully the nexus of biblical faith, justice, ecology, and sustainable development. INTERNSHIPS are unique to Belize!  LEARN MORE

CCSP New Zealand 

Nestled beneath the mighty Kaikoura mountain range, yet only one mile from the Pacific Ocean, CCSP's New Zealand program offers students an amazing and unique semester experience!  By exploring New Zealand's unique culture, beautiful forests, mountain glaciers and abundant marine life (includling sperm whales, dolphins, and seals), CCSP students gain new and exciting perspectives on the nexus of biblical faith, ecology and justice in leading sustainable lifestyles.


After the Nov. 14, 2016 earthquake, CCSP New Zealand acquired a wonderful new campus, the Dolphin Lodge (see photos below). On Jan. 25th, 2017 we welcomed eighteen new students to experience the inaugural semester in our new facility sitting atop the bluff overlooking the sparkling North Bay. Dolphin Lodge turned out to be the fantastic new home for CCSP we anticipated it would. The heart of downtown Kaikoura is just a few minutes walk away, as is the beach, library, and new municipal building. Right next door is a big public park perfect for a pick-up game of ultimate Frisbee, or just throwing or kicking a ball around. But what makes a place special is the people, and our dedicated staff moved in and ran the program that CCSP graduates rave about, and new students come expecting to experience. Perhaps it’s best to hear this directly from last semester's students themselves, so be sure to check the link below to last semester’s blogEnjoy!




Our Classic Video Is Back!

The original CCSP promo video is back by popular demand. It was retired after CCSP New Zealand stopped going to Samoa after we moved the program to the marine wonderland of Kaikoura and started doing our marine course right outside our own front door!! Apart from the Samoa references and images this video captures the heart and soul of CCSP. 





An Instant Classic Belize Video!  

Belize student, Brooke Dorwart, created this video to highlight her fall 2014 semester experience. One short clip each day adds up to be one great video. Thanks Brooke!



2016 Summer Alumni Reunions

2016 Summer Alumni Reunions

God's been faithful and good to CCSP for 20 years, and that's a milestone and a blessing worth celebrating!

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CCSP Video Stories Latest Video

CCSP Video Stories Latest Video

We have a new CCSP video to share with the world!   


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Semester Blogs

Semester Blogs

Reading our blogs is the best way to experience the program without being there.  It's great for friends and family to keep up with what's going on, and for students considering CCSP it's a great way to get a feel for the program.  

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Important Dates

Belize Application Dates:

Fall - April 1         Spring - Oct. 31

New Zealand Application Dates:

Fall - Extended April 31   Spring - Oct. 31  

Semester Dates:

Spring 2017: Jan. 25th--May 12th
Fall 2017: Aug. 23, 2017-Dec. 8th
Spring 2018:  Jan 24, 2018-May 11
Fall 2018: Aug 22, 2018-Dec. 7th
Spring 2019: Jan 23, 2019-May 10
Fall 2019: Aug. 21, 2019-Dec. 6th
Spring 2020: Jan 22-May 8th
Fall 2020: August 19-Dec. 4th
Spring 2021: Jan 20-May 7th
Fall 2021: August 25-Dec. 10th
Spring 2022:  Jan 19-May 6th


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