Environmental Literature



This course introduces students to the landscape of environmental literature, both past and present, providing a solid grounding in the field. Through key readings, discussions, and reflections of various environmental literature forms including short story, essay, and poetry, students consider what makes literature "environmental" and why this field of literature was and is so important in shaping an earthy faith, and worldview. 

Course Faculty

Dr. Susan Felch - Environmental Literature (Calvin College, MI)

Dr. Susan Felch - Environmental Literature (Calvin College, MI)

Susan Felch  is Professor of English and Director of the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. She grew up as a TCK (third-culture kid) in Papua New Guinea where her parents were missionary linguists. She returned to the United States for her undergraduate education at Wheaton College in music education and her Ph.D. in English from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D. C. She taught music K-12 and high school English for a few years before going on to graduate school, and has taught at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan since 1992. Her interest in learning was sparked early in life by her grandfather, a farmer, who loved to read and tell stories and who never allowed his grandchildren to use a word they couldn’t spell. She has written a number of books ranging from a four-volume anthology on the Spiritual Biographies of the Seasons to scholarly works on sixteenth-century British women writers. She enjoys cats, reading, sculling on Lake Wabasis where she and her husband, Doug, have a cottage, and teaching.

Pauline Stevick, MA - Environmental Literature (Messiah College, PA)

My interest in God's creation developed early, perhaps because I grew up in the verdant ridge-and-valley section of the Appalachian Mountains close to the Susquehanna River. Similarly, I came to an early appreciation of literature in all its forms:  short stories, novels, essays, poetry.  As a ninth grader I decided I wanted to teach English, a goal that I have achieved, finding much satisfaction in my years as a public school secondary teacher and later as an adjunct instructor at Messiah College.

While in college, I met a man who shared these interests and was also a committed Christian.  Now, after forty-plus years of marriage, we share much more--not only a love of travel, but also three sons and seven grandchildren.  Teaching and traveling together in New Zealand has been one of the delightful surprises that we never envisioned in those early years.

Drew Ward, M.A. - Environmental Literature (Chaffey College, CA)

Drew Ward, M.A. - Environmental Literature (Chaffey College, CA)

Drew Ward is part of an ongoing experiment living in intentional Christian community and has been teaching Imagining the Earth in Belize and the South Pacific for the Creation Care Study Program since 2002.  With a Masters in English (emphasizing Environmental Literature) and two Bachelors, one in Classical Languages and one in Comparative Literature, all from the University of California, Irvine, and a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Drew recently taught Writing and Literature for Azusa Pacific University, and currently teaches Writing at Chaffey College. 

A writer himself, he's a former poetry editor for Creation Care magazine and consultant for Restoring Eden.  He speaks around the world about the earth, revolutionary marriage, Christian community, and the Biblical imagination.