We understand that having your child travel overseas for an entire semester can be a scary endeavor. However, we assure you that our trained staff will do everything possible to prepare your child for a semester with CCSP. We are proud to be rooted in the communities where our campuses are located, allowing us the privilege of strong ties to many locals. The CCSP staff will love and support your child during their semester overseas and we will continue to encourage them upon their return home. The CCSP community is a rich collection of current and former students and staff. We are excited to invite you and your child to be a part of our community. 

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Lori and her daughter, Angelica, share a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Belize. 

Below are actual quotes from some of the parents of our CCSP students.

These quotes reflect real experiences over the past five years at both our Belize and New Zealand locations.

"CCSP has taken care of all the details necessary to provide our son with a stimulating life and learning experience.  They also provided a nurturing living environment for the students, yet gave them the freedom to experience a healthy independence, which contributed greatly to their growth as young adults." – Sandy, parent of CCSP-New Zealand student

"Our son came away from CCSP much more expansive and mature." – Sandy, NZ

"We think the care, concern and nurturing nature of the staff makes CCSP unique and superior to other study abroad programs." – Lane and Ellen, parents of a CCSP-Belize student

"I believe CCSP helped our child grow emotionally and spiritually, not to mention intellectually." – Kevin, parent of CCSP-New Zealand student

Lori had the opportunity to vist her daughter while she was studying with CCSP-Belize (See photo above). Here is Lori's perspective:

"I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Belize about half way through the semester and spend a few days with our daughter and a couple of the other students.  I had heard so much from our daughter about her experiences in Belize that I couldn’t wait to see it for myself.  The CCSP facilities far exceeded my expectations, the beauty of the campus and the friendly, safe environment were beyond what I had imagined." – Lori, parent of CCSP-Belize student

"The many different experiences such as home stays, internships and field trips broadened the classroom time and gave the students a sense of place and connection to the community in Santa Elena and beyond." – Lori, Belize

"I would enthusiastically recommend CCSP to any prospective student or family." – Lori, Belize

"The staff modeled a Godly response to a different culture and an appreciation for the diversity of the natural world they find in Belize." – Lori, Belize

"Any new undertaking can be intimidating, but the difficulties or fear of the unknown, which may precede studying abroad, will be far outweighed by the depth of experience only gained by immersion in a new culture and a varied academic setting. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend CCSP as a choice for any student wishing to study abroad!" – Lori, Belize

Ray has a unique insight into CCSP. He visited New Zealand for a couple weeks during his son’s semester with CCSP. He spent a lot of time at the CCSP campus. Here is Ray's perspective:

"The facilities at The Old Convent (our NZ campus) were excellent for the purpose and size of your group." – Ray, parent of CCSP-New Zealand student

"From what I observed, the curriculum and timing of such were very carefully crafted and planned, and were appropriate for the setting. I felt that the students were constantly challenged and occupied, and displayed much personal responsibility." – Ray, New Zealand

"I would tell another parent that CCSP in NZ was a wonderful experience, well planned and executed by the Campus Administration in a very safe environment." – Ray, New Zealand